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B-There Services


Do security sytemes and smart home technology not provide enough peace of mind when you're away? Would you rather have someone stop by the house periodically or be available to swing by if you need them to? We can be there!

Do you really want to waste a Vacation Day on hanging around the house while an appliance is being serviced or waiting for a delivery? Of course not. Call us - we can be there!

Frequent Flyers

For the homeowner who wants some extra peace of mind when traveling

Additional Key

For the homeowner with the busy schedule 

  • Supervision of deliveries

  • Supervision of repairs and maintenance

  • Supervision of cleaning services 

  • Daily or Weekly options 

  • Examine all doors and windows to ensure they are secure

  • Ensure all exterior and interior lights are working properly

  • Visually inspect landscape for traces of trespassing

  • Visually inspect walls, windows and ceilings for evidence of leaks

  • Check and run taps, toilets and garbage disposals

  • Report any areas of concern and document with photographs

  • Retrieve mail, flyers and newspapers

  • Water inside plants and/or outdoor hanging baskets or potted plants

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